Praying Mantis’ Emerge

baby_mantis_leaf_crop, originally uploaded by H.Conley.

Back in February at the Hartford Flower Show I purchased a butterfly chrysalis & mantis pod. I was to keep them in the fridge until mid-April, then take them out & wait for them to hatch by the end of May. My spice bush swallowtail arrived just after Memorial Day weekend and I set her free…but no sight of a mantis from that pod.

A few weeks into June, just as I was about to call Magic Wings (where I got the pod) to ask questions…they began to march out.

The males were darker and larger than the females. All-in-all, 20 came out over a period of 2-3 days. I would help them out of the cup that the pod was in and set them on a bleeding heart leaf in my garden.

This male in the photo went under the leaf before he took off and I had a moment with my macro lens to capture his photo. I am really hoping a pair will stay and breed so my garden will be bug-free in no time!

I think I will do this again if I have the chance next year to purchase the pods. I’m no bug lady, but to watch the insects emerge is amazing and worth the wait!


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