Sweet Simon


DSC_3226, originally uploaded by H.Conley.

Earlier this week I went to visit an childhood friend on the farm where she lives and works, Bluestone Farm in Brewster, NY. It was an amazing place, even at this time of year. The nuns that are also part of the ‘family’ there prepared us lunch. Everything we ate was grown and harvested there,  and lovingly prepared for a delicious lunch. In addition to their many gardens (yielding vegetables, herbs, legumes and berries) they also produce maple syrup, honey and do food preservation (dehydration, jellies & spreads, sauerkrauts, etc.). During my visit I met Simon, a gentle and kind spirited Wiemeraner. I’m not a dog person really and he grew on me pretty much in an instant. He was kind enough to let me snap some photos while I was visiting that day. I made a few new friends, including Simon, and I’m so thankful I could spend the day with a dear friend and catch up on life with her over a warm cup of rose tea.


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