Autumn in Connecticut

It’s been a few weeks since I posted – – launching a sister website, publicity and new projects have kept me busy. But this weekend I took time out for a river walk near my home in northern CT to check in on autumn. This year is not one of the stronger seasons, but nonetheless, it’s great to get outside and capture the change. The light, cloud formations and reflection that day were amazing. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Autumn in Connecticut

  1. Heather, Not sure you got my first comment. Thanks for the post card. Glad you had good time at the soiree. Love your autumn photo. Reminds me of the view from my dock. Just talked to my friend Sweeney. Doesn’t sound like he’s coming north until the warm weather. Great website. We’re in the process of building our website for Katering by Karen and Manitook Camp. May be some photography in this for you yet. John

  2. Hi John. No, I didn’t see the first comment, so thanks for revisiting! We’ll definitely keep connected and I’m here whenever the time is right. Keep me posted on the site, would love to have a look!

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