First Photography Exhibit

As I wrap up preparing for my first photography exhibit, I’m smiling in my studio today. I started my journey more than 5 years ago training with a seasoned professional and learning the ‘ropes’ so-to-speak. In 2009 launching myself as a professional, and now in 2012 hanging my first exhibit this coming week. I’m so happy I can share it with you and I’m as grateful as ever to those that have supported me and continue to support me and my creative work! It’s an amazing medium and I’m more passionate for it than ever. My favorite quote from Pete Souza, the official photographer for the White House says it perfectly, ‘my best photograph is the one yet to be taken’. Visit my personal photography portfolio online here.

#HeatherConleyPhotography #FineArtPhotography #CustomOrders #FineArtPrints #LocalLandscapes #NewEngland #CustomPrints #OutMyWindow #PhotographyExhibit


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