Waited All Summer

I’ve waited patiently all summer to capture my favorite #hummingbird and today was the day. He’s come now each year for the last 4 (at least that I ‘ve been camera stalking him, knowing he was there and was a hummingbird). He’s a #RubyThroated hummingbird, but this time I couldn’t get him at an angle so you could see the ruby dot on his throat, but it’s there. I also spotted another variety flying around my #ButterflyBush today, red banded around the collar. May take that one some time to visit the feeder. Last year was the first time I could get close enough to the butterfly bush to capture this guy. He even sat for me once and showed me the ruby dot. He’s amazing and I’m so lucky I get to watch them visit me throughout the day when I’m working in my home office. I’ll see if I can capture any more photos before he packs it up & migrates south for the fall and winter months.

#Birding #Wings #Nature #NewEngland #Wildlife #Patience #BirdingPhotography


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