Celebrating our Third Year!

We’re thrilled to be celebrating & kicking off our third year in business! It’s been an exciting adventure really over the last five years. Opening for business in 2009 was a momentous occasion. When I began the journey, I never knew how much I’d love the work I’d do, and the people I’d do it with along the way.

There are so many to thank personally but my most special thanks goes out to three very special people. First to my husband, who even to this day, is endlessly pulling over the car to let me catch that ‘amazing shot’, and in large part made the transition into this new career possible on many levels. The other two are my dear friends, my valued mentors and fellow professional photographers – – #BrunoRatensperger and #RayPioggia. Without their guidance, support, validation and friendship (that all continue to this day), I would not be the working professional I am today, and the one I strive to be in the future.

I intend to keep my shutter clicking away (with a big grin on my face) for years to come and share this celebration with all of you. Truly a passion, a pleasure and a blessing!


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