Oasis of Green Grass

An oasis of green grass…in February? In Connecticut? Indeed! Just yesterday, Heather Conley Photography was invited to step into a field of grass; green, lush, and growing in a greenhouse at Goodyear Farms in Suffield, CT.

What a sight on a winter day as Kristie Gonzalves, President of the Northeast Expos, Inc. (producers of the 32nd annual Connecticut Flower & Garden Show), watered the more than 2,600 feet of grass that she’s been cultivating since late last year. The grass will be installed at the upcoming Connecticut Flower & Garden Show from February 21st-24th, in Hartford at the Connecticut Convention Center.

The climate controlled greenhouse was toasty warm with a ‘grassy’ fragrance of spring in the air. The setting was also perfect for landscape photography with the greenhouse itself serving as a giant diffuser of the bright sun on Thursday. Kristie talked about what was involved in maintaining the the grass over the last couple of months, including a peek at the shallow root system beneath it that keeps the grass from taking hold in the ground. This step prepares the grass to be ready to roll up, transport, and install.

Our special thanks to Kristie of Northeast Expos, Inc., and to Laura Soll of Soll Public Relations, LLC, for the opportunity to capture this unique landscape project!


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